How to measure motorcycle fork length

Earlier Pre-unit lower legs are about the same diameter but measure about 2-3/8" longer. Joe Irizarry/Demand Media. Fully rebuildable. Length from the center of the steering neck at top of triple clamp perpendicular to the ground. Adjust the length of the tube with a scale and lock with thumb screw, set the plastic block on top of fork inner tube, draw off extra oil into resivor with hand pump. Standard or Heavy Duty Springs. Steps to Measure. For anyone on two wheels, motorcycling enthusiasts, Harley-Davidson Magazine, seekers of information on building and maintaining motorcycles, motorcycles for sale, Sturgis Rally. There is another design step we can take that is fairly simple and improves the overall result. On the other hand, the rake of the forks also means they have to hold back the Okay, all recent model sportsters have used 39 MM forks in narrow trees. Reactive Suspension offer a wide range of high quality fork and shock springs for road and motocross bikes. If you only have the frame, measure from center of top of steering neck perpendicular to the ground and add 1" to this measurement. Changes in spring preload, tires, rear shock location or linkage, or changes achieved by moving the forks up or down in the triple clamps all change the respective ride heights. Assuming you’re going for a like-for-like fit, mark that distance with a felt tip pen on the new fork’s uncut steerer tube. Also decided that since the forks are not straight down that I better move the pivot of the right side so that not only does it compensate for the length, but also for the different distance forward that the shorter fork will need to be compensated. The list herein is but a small selection of the myriad of options to make the rear of your motorcycle handle at its best, but if you’ve been wondering what options you have for the shock on your cruiser, tourer, sportbike how do I measure this ? I ordered the clutch cable for my kawasaki g5 100 1973 but its obviously not the right thing. Reducing the length of the rear mudguard to ADR 42/04 requirements is  Motorcycle suspension guide by Can Akkaya. Front fork: Shorter fork tubes decrease rake and trail. Find the change in head angle in the cell where the column and row intersect. mega-m. Width is measured horizontally across the back of the shield at the widest point (illustration 2). BUY  The above diagram demonstrates a possible approach to measuring fork offset or rake. 8 Front Length - Measure from the apex straight down to the hem. Triple Tree Rake: degrees For example, a length of small diameter plastic or PVC tubing, rubber hose, CATV coax cable, or a length of ROMEX jacketed electrical wire to create and measure a routing path from scratch. Springs are required to help soften the hit of the suspension topping out as it extends. Aug 13, 2018 · The diagram below shows the offset distance of the front wheel geometry. Make sure the steering moves smoothly without any vertical movement or needing excessive force. If you’re trying to find out the right chain size for your motorcycle, then you can refer to your owner’s manual. Ride in Comfort: How to Measure Yourself for the Correct Motorcycle Jacket Size Posted on May 21, 2014 by Eric Ellis . If you need to know stock length, go to JPCycle, look up your bike, look up OEM cables and go to "Specs" on that page, and it"ll give you the stock length. ER6 fork length. 5 in) the spacers are definitely too long. Jan 20, 2015 · If you do not lower the forks, you change the overall weight balance of the motorcycle, altering the front end geometry and slowing the steering. Typical axle to crown lengths for 26” trials forks range from 395mm to 420mm while 20” forks usually measure between 360mm and 390mm. Subtract the length of your stock cable from the new measurement that you have made with the wire. and it is expressed as a measure of length, in inches or centimeters,  12 Dec 2019 The lengths and measuring points on each springer is located on the individual product pages, and its very important to measure properly and  How these measurements affect stability : Rake and Trail: Fork Rake is also known as Offset, which more accurately describes what it is: the hub's offset More trail is nice at high speeds (motorcycles usually have 80 mm of trail) but can feel  Try to find the manufacturer specs for your fork or frame if you're unsure of your measurements. Trail[  This is done by altering the spring tension in the fork tubes with spacers, till you get it right. You would add in 2" increments for extended tubes, for instance if your front end is 2" over, the measurement I'm pointing out would be 14. It's a hotly-debated topic among bike geeks these days -- some believe that it's a key factor which determines how a bicycle handles, especially with a front load. Triple trees. Most motorcycle pants ride a bit higher on your waist, up around your navel, so when you measure your waist for motorcycle pants, you’ll want to measure yourself up higher, just below the navel. The best solution is to use a little of both. (60 mm) (Travel along the length of the suspension;not vertical wheel travel) PERFORMANCE Engine Torque 74 ft. Stem lengths run in 10 mm increments from 70 mm to 140 mm. Lengths listed for OE Reference may not be exact OE length depending on 94393 year Lengths listed are overall lengths Please measure your tubes before ordering to ensure correct length is ordered more May 25, 2017 · Unravelling the Mysteries of Rake, Trail, and Offset. 9 Centre Back Length - From top edge of centre back neck, measure straight The Cyclepedia Motorcycle Service Specifications Database is a ready reference service specification guide that includes hundreds of thousands of ATV, Scooter, UTV and Motorcycle Specifications. The shock measured at 318mm give or take a few mm because it is still mounted also. Not all motorcycle forks can be adjusted in the same way. Search our wide selection of discounted motorcycle loading ramps to find one that suits your needs! Our selection includes the best and most affordable full width motorcycle ramps, single runner motorcycle ramps, motocross & dirt bike ramps Yeah it's the length that I was asking about. this pisses me off. Once you've chosen a bike and plugged in your height information, you can further customize the fit by changing the bike to reflect modifications to the handlebar, seat, or Install the new upper fork clamp. Place frame on floor and block lower frame rails at the height you want the bike to sit. Now measure the distance between the two marks and you have your trail measurement. In general terms the most common gauges are 8, 9 and 10 which vary in thickness from approximately 3. Until 2006, now ALL Dyna's use 49 MM forks, only the trees are different for the Wide Glide. 8, not even close. @ 7000 rpm (100. Author: Topic: Motorcycle Fork Diameter Chart and more. Repeat on other fork and both will have same oil height or air gap. Measure from the top of the spring (or spacers) to the top of the fork, unless the spring is taller then just measure how much it protrudes. Handlebars come in all weird styles and sizes, but we’re here to help make choosing the right size Oi bell for your bike(s) easy. Method A: if you can get the fork rake in advance: Measure head tube length. rf900 forks must be the same length as the gsxr1100k forks at 745mm just without all the ridiculous adjustments, I will go for the longer bandit ones and get maxton to sort out new cartridge inserts. 67". to do is make a few simple measurements and we'll help you figure out the fork length and trail. Caster angle. Bike weight is the actual weight of the motorcycle, typically the curb weight. Put a mark on the floor at that point. You should set your sag because you want to get the most out of your motorcycle. 33 NM @ 7000 rpm) Braking at 60 mph 97 kph: Maximum load 142 ft. Selecting springs from Hyperco, Ohlins, WP and Racetech we are able to match springs to your requirements. Install the new fork legs into the fork clamps. If you plan to ride long distances on pavement, choose a road bike, and if you want to cover a variety of terrain, select a mountain bike. With the adjustment screw turned in to the desired position, thread the cap back on the damping rod until the needle gently seats at the bottom. Distance from center of top of steering neck to centerline of top of fork tubes. The exception to this is armored motorcycle jeans that will fit more like regular jeans, in which case you can measure a bit lower down. 5", 4" over is 16. Such a name is not exactly the best one, because the rake is not a variable calculated in relation with the fork or fork Simply letting the weight of the wheel pull the forks down (i. Measure headset bottom stack, headset is often invisible on modern bikes, but there's usually a 1mm gap or so. This item is in the category “eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Motorcycle Parts\Body & Frame\Other Body & Frame”. Donottighten the cap or you can damage the needle or valving inside the fork. 1) The overall length of the extension cannot exceed 1 ½ times the length of the fork – for example, the longest extension that can be used on 48” forks is 72”. This range is typically 30% of the total suspension travel. Be absolutely sure you have the right tubes before you install them. I was told that Easton measures the total rice. 25 May 2017 Rake and trail terms refer to motorcycle steering geometry, and, along To throw everyone off, BMW specifications are typically measured differently than other brands. 3. For the length you need to take the weight off the front end and measure the distance from the bottom yoke to the top of the fork lower. Travel refers to the amount mountain bike forks compress and extend. Steering head rake = 26 degrees Front fork length = 27" Front and rear tire diameter = 16" Road clearance = 4" Question: If I increase fork length 1", how much will tha … read more Helmet Size Chart. If your motorcycle has too much sag or too little sag, the suspension isn’t within the range where it was designed to work properly Feb 27, 2020 · How to Measure Helmet Size. e. Rake is the angle of the steering axis from a vertical centre line through the front wheel down to the contact patch. IFP-R: $799. HardDrive 94393 39 mm Fork Tubes 6" Over. 1. How do you determine stroke length on the forks to decide on a steering damper? I want to put a damper on my bike I have mounts and am not worried about that I just want to be sure I have the right. Motorcycle magazine road tests are the best place to get this number. Until 2006 all Dynas except for the Wide glide ran the SAME front end. Once you know the ETT of a bike you find comfortable, you can use this to size up other bikes with the same kind of handlebar. 2 inches. I measured the front fork BFF on the R model of course with the fork still inside the triple tree and got 774. Chrome and Black finish. Manufactured from chrome silicon steel, shot peened, heat-treated and pre-set for length, they are the finest springs available. Oct 18, 2013 · Keep in mind that your bike needs a fork with a certain axle-to-crown length which will affect the head angle and BB height of the bike. The number MAY help you to find the length. If you’re just getting into motorcycle riding you’re probably on a quest to find all the right gear that not only looks good, but suits your riding style, and fits comfortably. 00 /PAIR. point of the front tire. This last part is the source of much controversy. COMING SOON (Complete Product catalogue)… We build custom fork tubes for virtually any bike. Also check to make sure your steering stem bearings are good and your triples and stem nut are tight and your forks aren't twisted in the triples. I've found a ton of products online, but they all seem to have a two measurement system, Y"x Z", I don't know what this means, and not sure how to measure the one I have. A fork with a longer axle to crown measurement will bring the front end of the bike up, while a shorter fork will give the bike a less upright position. Feb 14, 2013 · Rear shock length is going to effect the front fork angle and how the bike steers. BMW Motorrad offers a broad range of standard and optional seats to ensure maximum standing stability for all types of rider - including both men and women, whether short or tall. The springs between the damping rod and the stanchion keep the fork from fully extending and thereby shorten the fork's length. The item “Fork Assembly with Chrome Sliders Stock Length, for Harley Davidson, by V-Twin” is in sale since Wednesday, February 21, 2018. Customer satisfaction is a frequent occurring topic addressed in many briefings, audits and among team meetings within all fields and areas of operation. Stem length is intertwined with how head angle and fork rake affects bike handling – it's become a key ingredient in modern mountain bike design. Can anyone confirm the difference in fork length between the gsxr1000 and the gsxr1000r. One end is held fast in the stationary part of the fork, and the other in the movable part of the fork. On an inverted fork, measure from the dust seal to the top of the axle clamp. Go find some of  22 May 2015 Spec charts sometimes quote rake and trail numbers for a motorcycle chassis, but Choppers have a lot of rake—their forks stick way out in front. More info following, always updating for you. Measure headset bottom stack. This front-end conversion search is based on bearing inner and outer dimensions ONLY! Stem length may vary from machine to machine making some   5 Jul 2017 You need to have generous top tube lengths if running shorter offset forks. ) pivots. 2. Trail [ edit ] A diagram showing the effect of decreasing the head tube angle or the fork offset on the trail. This is the length the top tube would be if it ran horizontally from the top of the head tube to the seat post. Use that as your base line, measure a straight line through both your top & bottom tree, (A broom handle works to give a rough straight line that the tubes will follow) measure from the top of your tree to where the center of your axle will be, this will be the overall length you need. Set one leg of the square on the ground and align the second leg to the center of the axle. The shock absorbers are the metal piston and spring mechanism on the back of this bike. Ride Safely, Nancy and Chris For the length you need to take the weight off the front end and measure the distance from the bottom yoke to the top of the fork lower. Customer satisfaction level monitored and addressed directly in terms of improvement. Get a comfort, cruiser, or hybrid bike if you want to ride around town. Modifications to a motorcycle frame or suspension may load vital components well beyond the These are acceptable, provided the trail measurement is not less than 75mm. The strings should be nice and tight and hold the pencil in place. The length of a fork is measured from the center of the axle to the base of the crown race seat, where the fork and headset meet. 6 Front/Back Neck Width - Measure straight across between straps. This measurement is L1. Nov 20, 2017 · Motorcycle Fork Seal Removal And Replacement - Duration: 14:55. Beginning Fork Length: inches : Length from to top of the fork tubes to the centerline of the axle. 9 Centre Back Length - From top edge of centre back neck, measure straight RB Racing's Fork Length and Trail Calculator for motorcycles. The forks extend when you lift the front end or launch off a jump. It is often set and governed by the fork triple clamp that mounts the forks a set distance away from the steering axis. Enter fork rake. Your measurements may be off by a couple of millimeters, so adjust Apr 25, 2020 · Chains are generally categorized by pitch and length. Handlebar Width Handlebar width on road bikes is measured either 'centre to centre' and referred to as 'C-C' or 'outside to outside' and referred to as 'O-O'. Aug 18, 2013 · 2003 Harley Touring motorcycle. If we don’t have the spec you need, don’t worry we’ll quickly look it up for you from our huge reference library and get you on your way. NOT the metal ends. Find your new fork length in the top row. Some models are using 2 cartridge dampers (1 in each tube). This will give you the + or – length that you will now need to order. To verify, you will have to physically measure them. Measure straight up along the square from the ground to axle center and you have the Wheel Radius (A). If the bottom of the slider (fork leg) was counter-bored “uneven” (counter-BORE has a flat bottom. Trail is the horizontal distance between your bike's steering axis and the center of the front tire's contact patch. 7 Front/Back Neck Drop - From imaginary line to top edge of neckline. Trail is reduced but positive. 6. I want to replace the spokes and nipples that I had reused in building my first wheel, had a non-drive side break today, and I want to be able to trust my spokes an nipples when I go off on a long ride. The sport front ends like those on the Sportster and early Super Glide had smaller diameter fork tubes than those used on the dresser forks, which were heavier in general than the narrow forks. 5” and 6”. Method B: measure head tube bottom center but use it only as a guide and adapt to other known data. Jul 03, 2019 · Run a tape measure down from one hand to the height of the risers on your bike to get an approximate height that you find comfortable. Suspension is designed to work best within a certain range. The Pre-Unit and 1964-70 front ends both use the same fork bushings, but they do have different oil seals and seal holders. Convert the centimeter measurement to millimeters by adding a zero to the end of the measurement. motorcycle + s. Compared to the old Earle’s forks, which look like they could hold up the front end on a tank, the spindly tubes on the later /2 model BMW’s of the late 60’s look downright weird when covered in their collapsible rubber gaiters. 5 ounces. The rails in front are called the downtubes . Typically 2. Adapt fork rake with trial and error until front hub X matches the measured value. Of course, a proper fork for your motorcycle is only half of the equation, so here we bring you the Shock Buyer’s Guide. A different size fork tubes is needed to work on some FLT models 2002-2005 use cartridge damper on the left side. Forchassis that have been raked to 40 degrees or more, and too much trailis present, Raked Triple Trees are necessary. oil before installing into fork legs. Playing The Angles (Why We Need Rake) In the nascent days of two-wheeled, self-propelled locomotion, early velocipedes like the boneshakers had their forks positioned vertically. Clip off 5mm and try again. Forks have several key dimensions which include: offset, length, width, steerer tube length, and steerer tube diameter. Bikers can alter a frame by stretching the rails, usually by cutting them and welding in new sections to increase the length. These include the motorcycle weight, rider weight, and type of riding. In this video, Bob shows us how he and Mark perform custom motorcycle cables measurement They use a flexible length of wire that can be traced over an existing cable, or simply routed (like a cable) and then measured. Whether a motorcycle has adjustable or non-adjustable suspension, it comes from the factory with the suspension set up for a single rider – even if it’s a dual-seat bike – weighing about 75-85kg. Can someone please measure their ER-6 fork length from axle centre line to top of triple clamp and advise Jan 10, 2007 · A motorcycle fork coil spring is like a very long, very thin torsion bar that's been coiled up. After all bell size does matter! Watch this video to understand where & how to attach your Oi bike bell. how do I figure on what size I need so I can buy one that actually works for the bike. Check your wheel alignment in under 10 minutes. Jul 04, 2014 · A motorcycle’s rake may sometimes be referred to as the “fork angle”. For standard triple trees enter 0 degrees: The FXDWG uses 3 degree trees; V-Rod uses 4 degree trees; FLH series use 5 degree trees. Each Adjustor comes with Adjusting Offset, Race and Bearing. An easy way to check if your shock spring rate is in the ballpark is to measure the rear “free” sag, that is, the Proper chain adjustment minimally affects the overall length of the rear swingarm. The steering axis is the axis about which the steering mechanism (fork, handlebars, front wheel, etc. 4 Jul 2014 A motorcycle's rake may sometimes be referred to as the “fork angle”. They are a great fork for being in the sub $100 range. 5 to 3 turns of adjustment range. FORK LENGTH: The distance between the top of the fork tubes to the HOW TO MEASURE CORRECT TRAIL So my question is how do I determine the rake and fork length so I can order the frame and forks? I have asked several people this question and I don't know if  The length of a fork is measured parallel to the steer tube from the lower fork crown bearing to the axle center. Measure and trim your new fork’s steerer tube. without the cap, however I'm not finding anything online that match that length. Look for your existing fork length in the left column. The factory rake of most cruisers today, will range from 26 to about 34 degrees. 3 m) Lean Angle (per SAEJ1168): Shop for Towing/Transport, like Polisport Fork Saver at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Measure front hub X. You can see some information on some existing swaps that we have documented on the Fork Swap Database page. (43. The larger the number of the wire gauge, the thinner the spoke. The length of the distance between the two points where the lines meet the ground is the trail. Whether you're bicycling, playing softball, riding a motorcycle, or gearing up for your first football game, wearing a helmet can help protect you from traumatic brain injuries. Step 2: Take the bike off the sidestand, and put the rider on board in riding position. Decreasing the fork rake makes steering slower. It tells you how stretched out you will be on the bike, subject to a given handlebar type and stem length. The simplest job you can do on a Harley is measure the shock absorbers. Take a tape measure and find the distance between the top of the fork crown and the top of the steerer tube on your existing fork. The most important safety measure, a motorcyclist can invest for himself is the ‘’helmet’’. i now run a 6. While putting new shocks and fork springs on my '84 R100RS yesterday, I used the excellent tip by Duane Ausherman. Jul 04, 2014 · The trail of a motorcycle is also a numeric variable (number) and it is expressed as a measure of length, in inches or centimeters, depending where you are on the planet. im pretty pissed that kawasaki doesnt evne make parts for this bike anymore. If the style of windshield that you like has a headlight cutout, you will need to make sure that it is large enough to fit the headlight. Rest the steerer tube of the fork on a V-block on a perfectly flat surface. Front Wheel 3. The setup on the the bike when I got it has clip ons underneath the triple tree but the fork tubes are bent. Add on about 20-30mm to fit them over the fork lower and you'll be in the ball park. Where 'Old Wide Glide fork lengths are based on a stock FXWG fork. Then place the tape parallel to the steering neck, following the angle of the steering neck all the way up to the floor. so from your pix, from the base of the bar to the end of the grips. Raising the rear (longer shocks) steepens the fork angle, making the bike steer quicker at the expense of straight line stability. lbs. a. Same 39 MM forks same trees. If it's much less than 65mm (~2. Also, make sure the front wheel will not strike a radiator, exhaust pipe, or other item under full fork compression. As for adding 1" of fork length = 1* ( not sure if you're referring to trail or rake) it's going to vary, as Harleys vary in fork length and tire height, and those are both integral parts of the mathametical equasion. Measure from the center bolt of the headset cap to the center of the handlebar in centimeters. Came in with no fork oil and springs shot, got another new one within a year the chrome started peeling off and then 5 years later all the seals were shot and leaking all over. The length of a fork is measured parallel to the steer tube from the lower fork crown bearing to the axle center. Add an adjustor in the bottom of your fork head and now you have an adjustment of ~ +1 or -1 degree over the 30". It should read between 2 and 4 inches. The following steps below are required to determine the proper length of a motorcycle loading ramp. Helmet Size Chart. Higher rake numbers also go hand in hand with increases in wheelbase, of course, and also an increase in trail. If you accidentally purchase the wrong size do not worry, we will happily exchange them. Now measure the distance between the shock lower and upper eyes centerline to centerline. Enter the degrees ofrake, typically 3, 5, or 7 degrees. This will allow you to get a feel for the weight distribution from side to side and the overall feel of the motorcycle. The top rail of a motorcycle frame is called the backbone. 12” and 13” length options. Simply letting the weight of the wheel pull the forks down (i. Now stick this pencil between the strings, just behind the front tire and perpendicular to the strings. 25 inch fork tubes. The Foundations of Excellent Suspension. Do not include any backrest or rise in the seat. Having the damper rod pierce the bottoming cup is necessary, but the set-length of damper rods end consist of a shoulder above a flat-sided damper rod protrusion. How do you properly measure a spoke lenght. You wouldn't be able to maintain the same trail, as extending rake and fork length automatically extends trail. It involves using a length of angle iron between the center nut and opposite cap nut to insure that the forks weren't being twisted and locked into the twisted position while tightening the cap nut. If you still want to put a steering damper on there for whatever reason , you should be good to go with a linear one as long as you can mount it. Fork Springs . Additionally it would be nice to know the value of that the gsxr1000r fork is through the top triple clamp. x - The revolutionary measuring system. SPRING PRELOAD ADJUST AND REBOUND ADJUST. Forks are designed to compress, or sag, under the down force of your upper body weight as you encounter bumps. 7mm with the front wheel lifted off the ground by a front steering stem stand. Some thru-axles will also list the length of threaded section. This should be close. Shock Absorbers consists of spring which determine posture and cushioning buffer  4 Dec 2014 I just need to know the difference in fork length and raise it by that much right? Save Share You measure your forks and I'll measure mine;D Harley custom billet wideglide style front ends, Springers, Forks, Inverted legs. Choosing a Motorcycle That Fits You. The starting point in upgrading any suspension system is ensuring that the spring rates are matched to your weight, riding style and the terrain you are riding on. 8 inches fork Instructions for Adding Fork Oil to Storz/Ceriani Inverted Forks. The Cyclepedia Motorcycle Service Specifications Database is a ready reference service specification guide that includes hundreds of thousands of ATV, Scooter, UTV and Motorcycle Specifications. We have the best prices on dirt bike, atv and motorcycle parts, apparel and accessories and offer excellent customer service. Measure from the underside of the cap where it sits against the top of the fork, to the spring seat (where the spring seats on the cap). The fork tube above the triple clamp is 14mm. To choose an accurate helmet size is very much crucial to protect your head in case of any crises. Depending on the year and model of your motorcycle, replacement shock absorbers can be found in lengths from about 11 inches to about 14 inches. May 23, 2005 · Measure the width of your rear tire and cut a piece of wood to this length (I find that a pencil works great for this). 8 years later ordered a completely new front end from them, wrong size was shipped, took 4 months to get the return auth after dozen of phone calls, messages, etc Meaure your tubes from the very top portion of the slider (Fork leg if you will!) to the top of the fork tube not to include the fork cap. I bought an EA70 recently and it's sold as "lo, med, hi" rise. Better to measure a few and see what a real world range is and go from there. the susuki clutch cable actually works for it but is a little to long. At a walking pace, or maybe slightly faster which was about as fast as a boneshaker could travel, the upright fork worked passably well. For both, the area being measured is the exposed area of the fork slider. Tom's Cycle Recycling 343,121 views The best way to measure this is to make sure the tire is properly inflated and the wheel is completely vertical when looking at it from the front or back. Motorcycle fork tube diameter list Below is a list of assorted motorbike fork tube diameters sorted by size, manufacturer and model. Aftermarket forks are in the 30", 32", 34" or longer range. 45". You could always check with the HD shop, maybe they could look up your model and by find the shock part number. Spokes are made in varying thickness, referred to as gauges. 2mm to 4. I will be using a linear fork mount in theory. 94 in. Air space is measured in millimeters , might be inches in the states, this is the space above the oil to the top of the fork tube, to measure this , you get a syringe , usually found at pharmacy or hanging out your local junkie to this you attach a thin plastic hose which you cut to the length of the air space you need, hang the tube down into I don't think there's a standard way to measure rise or length. Functions and Roles. Find the right fork tubes for your Vulcan, Ninja, CSR and more. Softail 39. 36 in. 2) The extension should be built to fit the particular width of the fork that is being used. Jan 11, 2016 · The current ones measure 39mm by 24. Once you have found a good path for the cable given your chosen bent tube adjuster angle, use the product diagram guide images on any of the throttle or Sep 25, 2013 · Measure the length of your stock cable. Kawasaki Models. The easiest way to measure a bolt is with digital calipers, which allows you to quickly and really accurately determine the diameter and length of your bolt. May 23, 2014 · Sport Bike Fork Lengths… (found here at CustomFighters. lifting the front wheel off the ground while the forks are still on the bike) should be enough to get an accurate measurement of the length of the forks. Select your Gaiter size and colour from the list below. (Read 5583 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Lowering the rear (shorter shocks) increases the rake on the front forks, adding to straight line stability, but slowing the steering. The seal holders on the Unit front end are much larger than the ones on the pre-units. all the calculators had way to heavy fork springs and way to light shock springs. For example 520-118 - this has a pitch of 520 and is 118 links long. This measurement is actually called “false trail,” but it's what is typically used by anyone who isn't an engineer. May 11, 2018 · One of the best ways to pick a motorcycle to fit your height is to visit a motorcycle dealer and try several models for size. To order you will need to supply the diameter, thickness and length of your fork head. ONLY the Wide Glide used 41 MM forks. Generally speaking, bikes with a 'long' wheelbase deliver stability and comfort, whereas bikes with a 'short' wheelbase leads to sharper handling. Several write-ups exist on how to add disk brake mounts. The list herein is but a small selection of the myriad of options to make the rear of your motorcycle handle at its best, but if you’ve been wondering what options you have for the shock on your cruiser, tourer, sportbike, adventure bike, or even scooter, give the companies below a jingle. Size wise, measure the stantion diameter and the fork lower outer diameter where the dust seal would sit. com, which, by the way, is a great forum, and although I’m not heavy in that scene, I have posted there a bit, and it’s a sound group of guys) Make/Model year Range Fork Length mm (inch) (axle center to fork cap top extended suspension) Buell M1 700mm (27,5”) M2 730mm (28,75”) Ducati Put a mark on the floor at that point. (100 mm) (Travel along the length of the suspension; not vertical wheel travel) Rear Wheel 2. Put a mark here also. If you have to cut the spring DON'T. Sanity check that head tube length matches. The forks are not vertical, so the fork springs have to compress about 1. When installing 4-speed FLH forks, add 4" to the measurements shown above (examples: use stock length fork tubes on frames with a 30°  20 Nov 2019 Vehicle standards for motorcycles in Queensland. Jul 08, 2016 · Conventional forks should be measured from the bottom of the lower triple tree to the top of the dust seal on the slider. This is achieved by passing the spoke between two circular or flat die plates. Most bikes will have 2. perfect sag with 5mm spring preload and a great ride,soft yet firm and i use full travel on every ride. Calculate Exhaust Header Length: Maximum Horsepower Output. Measuring how long things are, how tall they are, or how far apart they might be are all examples of length measurements. Head tube angle, fork rake, frame reach and chain stay length will dictate the length of the wheelbase. Somehow, the accordion-shaped tubes made a motorcycle look instantly old-fashioned to me. Bicycle forks usually have an offset, or rake (not to be confused with a different use of the word rake in the motorcycle world), that places the fork ends forward of the steering axis. Jump on the bike and measure sag--that's the difference in fork height between them fully extended and with you sitting on the bike. Put your bike on a stand, and remove the fork cap. How to Shorten Suzuki K10 Forks: Lots of people got on the super-cheap K10 fork bandwagon a few years ago. The 3/4 was a guess while I was finishing working on it today. Our fairing-mounted and fork-mounted VStream® Windscreens are measured from the bottom center point of the screen and straight along the surface angle of the screen to the top edge. the rate quoted for me on the shock was between 5. The amount of fork oil per leg is 11. What way do motorcycle chain sizes work? Generally sizes are described as 'pitch by length'. If you find any to be incorrect/missing please let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page. Offset. FORK based on premium Customer Orientation as a basic principle. The two main sizes of motorcycle headlights are 7 inches and 9 inches. They tend to be fixed sizes so just get the nearest, they don't have to go all the way up to the bottom fork yoke. The inside width of the extension must not exceed the width of the fork by more than ½”. 25 Aug 2015 This is for all bikes with rear suspension including SRAM® 11- and It is possible to determine chain length from industrial drive train  Determine the right size of the cover by measuring the length, width and height of your motorcycle and compare them with the dimensions in the table below. 21 Oct 2017 Raising the fork tubes in the triple clamp is a simple adjustment that can help make a motorcycle respond faster to steering input and can lower  Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles. There are places online that detail disassembly and reassem Setting up your motorcycle suspension is one of the most arcane and confounding disciplines, yet one of the most important. Metric Sport Touring Windscreens. Please note there is a lot of flexibility with fork gaiters, the ends will stretch and contract (contract 5mm) and stretch (up to 15mm). Touring bikes have more rake than road and cyclocross bikes in order to increase their wheelbase length, provide more toe clearance from the front wheel and to increase the fork’s vertical compliance. Franks Forks can make fork tubes for virtually any Kawasaki model and year. But not many people knew (or really cared), because the large tubes were hidden inside the covers of the dressers. Do not rely on measures for exact accuracy. If you want to check go for a ride and make sure the fork gets a proper workout. 7. Leverage and Linkages Once upon a time in the distant past (about 1973), motorcycle rear suspensions were quite similar to the front: there was a pair of shocks, each with a spring not so different to a fork spring. Rake, trail, and offset are probably some of the least understood terms in motorcycling – particularly trail and offset. Apr 16, 2019 · To measure and buy the correct bike, think about how you’ll be using the bike. Place the bike Refill Quantity: 420cc each leg for 31/32" length fork, 490cc for 33/34" length fork. A rider must buy a helmet which fits him properly, irrespective of its style and price. Not 100% postive, but being a Low Rider, you SHOULD have 22. 5 Total Strap Length - Measure from the front apex to the back apex. 1) The longer the rocker arm length the better the wheel path An excellent rider is one who can make man motorcycle and suspension all flow together into a single fluid Fig 6 shows how we can determine the true trail for a Springer. its a freeking 1973 NOT It is the distance between the rider's right and left foot going around the legs when sitting on the motorcycle with both feet firmly on the ground. When doing this, only measure the length of the housing; do not include the length of the free wire at each end. Maybe a mm or 2. Do not include them in the length. On the forks, yes, all the individual pieces have an "exact" length, and if you put them together with a given spring rate and amount of preload the total length isn't going to vary much. i tried a 5. Just the black cable housing (or stainless) parts. was in formed that the BFF is 25mm longer than the BPF, but the "R" is running 15mm throught the triple calmp meaning that the front sits 10mm higher Step 1: Extend the fork completely and measure from the wiper (the dust seal atop the slider) to the bottom of the triple clamp (or lower fork casting on inverted forks; Figure 2). Step 1: Run Tracing Wire To begin measuring, run the wire in the desired path. Standard lengths, extended and shortened to your exact specs. An additional check can be made for the distance from seat to foot and hand controls, as well as how This tool, the Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator, helps solve that problem by letting you plug in your height and leg length and then simulating how you would fit on the bike. OEM Harley forks are in the 31 to 32" range. 6 and 5. Do this, and you WILL notice a dramtic difference in how how the rides and handles. Use can your old cables to help you measure and plan your routing. Not all motorcycle headlights are the same size. Tuning the exhaust system can be an important component in achieving maximum power when optimizing the performance of an engine for racing or dyno shootouts. We start with stock rake of 33 degrees and add 5 degrees to the neck then add 5 degrees to the triple tree and get a pretty good result. On a two-wheeled motorcycle, the desired amount of trail is typically between 3. Mar 31, 2020 · The tradition in the motorcycle-building scene favors the wider rake angles and longer fork legs as “classic” components. ) If the rear has been lowered, a rule of thumb is for every 1" that you lower the rear, take 2" off the tube length suggested below. May 14, 2019 · The best way to measure motorcycle cables is to follow a three-step process to determine the correct length for your new cables. OHIO CAFE RACERS FORK TUBE SIZE CONVERSIONS Fork Diameter Make Model and Year 27 Honda MB5 (82) 27 Honda CR-60R (83) 27 Honda XR-70R (97-03) Dec 17, 2009 · i,m heavy and riding a 2 storke. One of the best ways to pick a motorcycle to fit your height is to visit a motorcycle dealer and try several models for size. Aug 16, 2017 · This makes it difficult to measure the actual shock stroke and/or bicycle frame travel without applying some very high loads. That means the effective spring-rate at the front axle is about 20% greater than the sum of the fork spring rates. (Here, we're referring to the neck, or steering head angle. 1mm for every 1mm of vertical axle movement. subtract the stock 28-3/4" and you'll get how much over stock length your slider tube need to be. Stock length should be 12. 0mm. To work out the pitch you can use a thread pitch gauge, which is essentially a small metal gauge with a thread of a known pitch profiled into it. If it’s a used bike, then you may have to check the size-stamping on your current chain. 30 Jun 2009 When talking about motorcycle suspension most riders understand fork rake angle, On the Harley Tourers, that measurement is 6. 5". Assuming the fork length changes (they must be longer on models with more rake) to keep the bike somewhat level from front-to-rear, the motorcycle's weight begins to shift increasingly to the rear. You can buy 46mm RockShox 29er forks aftermarket if you want to by  30 Nov 2016 Many also include stack and reach measurements, but fork rake, bottom The head tube length is measured from the bottom to the top of the  15 Feb 2017 Hi guys, Can someone please measure the full extended length of the 97 CBR900RR blade forks? What I need is from axle center up to the lip  Motorcycle Products:Shock Absorbers(Front Forks). Increasing the fork rake makes steering faster. When you compress the fork, you are effectively twisting the spring similarly to the way you twist a torsion bar. Length: Starting 1” from the gas tank measure straight to the back of the seat. The steering axis angle, also called caster angle, is the angle that the head tube and hence the steering axis makes with the horizontal or vertical, depending on convention. Measuring the travel allows you to set up the suspension for certain types of terrain. Trail (B) is measured in distance (inches or millimeters) between the point of  Although some references differ, most agree fork length is measured parallel to the steerer, from the base of the crown race seat to the center of the axle. It is posted on his web site. Learn more about trail and general frame geometry concepts 5 Total Strap Length - Measure from the front apex to the back apex. 8. How to measure the diameter of your handle bar. Sep 20, 2011 · Use Screamin Eagle HEAVY fork oil or any QUALITY 30wt fork oil such as Bel-Ray. May 11, 2018 · In order to get the most out of your motorcycling experience, you need to have a motorcycle that fits your height and size. Finally, swap out the fork oil for 10w and refill pretty low--like 120mm (lower number is more oil). Also most of the pictures given by the online-venders don't show the mounting brackets/tubes(I don't know what to call them, see picture). As that is also an important measurement for  4. Other things being equal, a bike with a steeper head angle with steer more sharply and a bike with a slacker head angle will be more inclined to travel in a straight line. Determining the correct spring rate for your motorcycle is a complex equation that takes into account several variables. A 520-118 chain has a pitch of 520, and it has 118 chain links. US Standard Lengths. 26 Apr 2009 we should include measurements where the fork tube will go through the upper and lower triple. The Honda CX500 is a good candidate for a front-end swap - the front forks are a tiny 33mm in diameter and aren't exactly stunning performers. 75 in. After an accident or while buying or selling a used motorcycle the question about the situation of important  . Width: Measure across the widest part of the seat. No other thing can protect you in case of the crash like the helmet does. Make sure the lock-to-lock steering movement is correct. asia = adventure. Oct 19, 2017 · Fork gaiters are a curious motorcycle accessory. The list herein is but a small selection of the myriad of options to make the rear of your motorcycle handle at its best, but if you’ve been wondering what options you have for the shock on your cruiser, tourer, sportbike The way to measure it is to put two parallel lines on your garage floor, line the bike up so that both wheels follow the first line (make sure bikes wheels are perfectly in line with each other) and the wheel of the sidecar follows the second May 23, 2005 · RIDE HEIGHT: The height of the front of the motorcycle (typically measured from one of the triple clamps) and the height of the rear of the motorcycle. It should be noted that the same height Handlebar may put the rider in a different position on different bikes, due to variances in seat heights and fork length. This measurement can vary by a few millimeters across different brands. Head tube angles range from about 66 degrees (gravity-oriented mountain bikes) to 74 degrees (razor-sharp road bikes). Yes, the front leverage ratio. ” “The best method for measuring frame travel may be to remove the shock and measure the vertical travel at the rear axle, with the suspension linkage at the full shock length, and at the shock bottom-out length Measure ferrel to ferrel. A High Performance Spring has a high stiffness to mass ratio, in other words it is as light as possible for a particular rate. The raked-out form will, however, not be ideal for really winding roads. 5", etc. Standard rake angles can vary between 24 to 35 degrees. How To Check Front and Rear Motorcycle Wheel Alignment. how to measure motorcycle fork length

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